Ghislaine Maxwell Seen Rubbing Epstein’s Feet on Lolita Express Plane

Ghislaine Maxwell Seen Rubbing Epstein's Feet on Lolita Express Plane

( – Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial is well underway, and things aren’t looking so great for the defense. Prosecutors allege the disgraced British socialite was an active partner in crime with apparent pedophile Jeffery Epstein, who allegedly sexually abused underage girls from 1994 to 2002. It appears pictures are surfacing as evidence in court that expose how deep the relationship between the two went before Epstein died in jail. The financier reportedly killed himself before his case could go to court.

Three raunchy photos show Maxwell rubbing Epstein’s feet on board Epstein’s private jet nicknamed the Lolita Express. They are sexually suggestive. In addition, prosecutors introduced photos into evidence showing Maxwell planting kisses on Epstein’s cheek and the two together in front of a beach and another in a European city. Numerous pictures included Epstein with his arms around Maxwell and vice versa.

The pictures are essential to the prosecutors’ case as they tie Epstein and Maxwell together. They allege Maxwell often participated in the abuse of underage girls, and even when she wasn’t present, Maxwell orchestrated and enabled Epstein’s behavior.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Prosecutors expect to wrap up their presentation by Friday, December 10. The defense says it fully intends to call witnesses to prove the socialite’s innocence.

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