Georgia Gun Laws Cited as Reason for Canceled Music Festival

Georgia Gun Laws Cited as Reason for Canceled Music Festival

Music Festival Cancelled At The 11th Hour -The Reason Why Will Shock You

( – Numerous states across America allow gun owners to carry their firearms on public lands, including Georgia, which has allowed residents to carry weapons in parks since 2014. On August 1, organizers of the long-standing Music Midtown Festival suddenly canceled the event for reasons they said were beyond their control. In reality, the group apparently chose to cancel to preempt the possibility of firearms from entering their venue.

Recently, pro-gun activists commented on the event page’s social media with a reminder that weapons are allowed on public property in the Peach State. By law, organizers cannot deny a gun owner from carrying during the two-day festival, which they scheduled for September 17 and 18. Despite the regulation, Music Midtown has a policy prohibiting firearms during the show.

Officials for the concert series didn’t cite the gun law as the reason for the cancellation. Still, media outlets reported it as the cause. Georgia State University law professor Timothy Lytton told PBS it’s a legal gray area. Can private entities using public state venues trump the law? The expert said it’s unclear. Regardless, someone close to Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) stated they canceled the event because of poor ticket sales.

Music Midtown says it plans to put on a show in 2023 but has made no other announcements.

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