George Soros Spent $40 Million To Put Leftists in Power All Across US

George Soros Spent $40 Million To Put Leftists in Power All Across US

You Won’t Believe Who’s Funding America’s New HORRIFIC Crime Wave

( – Over the last several decades, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been an ally and strong supporter of far-left groups and politicians. The progressive billionaire has funded campaigns to elect leftist politicians intent upon radically overhauling America. A new report shows nowhere is Soros’ influence felt by more people than in the election of prosecutors across America determined to wield the Left’s agenda.

According to a 17-page report by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Soros has spent a decade funding the elections of prosecutors in cities throughout America. The billionaire has helped to elect 75 social justice prosecutors. These prosecutors have refused to charge criminals with crimes or put people in prison in most instances. As a result, crime has surged, especially in Democratic-led cities.

The report said prosecutors supported by Soros and organizations the billionaire supports were responsible for electing far-left prosecutors, representing one in five Americans, or approximately 72 million people. In addition, the prosecutors are in half of the most populated cities and counties where 40% of murders occur.

Critics say Soros uses his vast wealth to fund district attorneys and attorneys general who are lenient on crime, advocate for seizing guns from citizens, and promote the defund the police movement. The report says Soros funds far-left candidates through shell organizations, pass-through committees, and affiliates. The chosen candidates often have little experience administratively but are full of social justice warriors.

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