General Milley Reportedly Warned of Ukraine Invasion in Disturbing Report

General Milley Reportedly Warned of Ukraine Invasion in Disturbing Report

( – It appears war could be more imminent between Ukraine, Russia and NATO than at any time in the last month. Ukraine and other former Soviet bloc countries say they want to join NATO. Russia said it wouldn’t allow NATO forces to build up its military in Russia’s immediate vicinity.

In January, Russia moved 100,000 troops and thousands of pieces of military hardware to the Ukrainian border in a show of military strength. US officials say the situation is progressing and intensifying. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said Russia conducts training missions every year — but this time, it’s notably different as hundreds of thousands of soldiers are at the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Milley Warns of Disturbing Military Activities

Recent media reports claim Gen. Milley warned lawmakers in a closed-door briefing Kyiv could fall within 72 hours if Russia invades Ukraine in a full assault. That’s in stark contrast to the warnings that came in August when the United States pulled out of Afghanistan. The US government believed it would be months or longer before the Taliban took Kabul. They were wrong.

On Friday, February 4, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Gen. Milley met with the media to provide an update. According to their reports, officials have moved closer than ever to an all-out war. Milley said the Russian mission was larger in scope than anything the US has seen since the Cold War. The general stated if there is an invasion, it will come at the cost of mass casualties.

On January 29, reports surfaced indicating Russia was moving blood supplies to the Ukrainian border as part of its military buildup. It’s just one more sign Russia is preparing for a full military invasion despite Putin’s claim to the contrary. Still, while Austin concurs with Milley’s assessment, he says officials are unsure whether the Russian president has made a final decision to launch an attack. Yet, Putin clearly can do it if and when he wants.

How Prepared Is Russia to Invade?

According to reports, Putin has approximately 70% of Russia’s military force in place for a full invasion. Defense Secretary Austin said Putin has multiple options at his discretion. In addition to full invasion, Russia could choose to seize cities or large areas of territory. He said Russian media is trying to intimidate Ukraine territories to break away. It’s a tactic they’ve used in the past.

Even though reports say conflict is inevitable, Austin added diplomacy can still win the day. If war does break out, it could lead to death or injury for 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers, 4,000 Russian troops, and up to 50,000 civilians.

President Joe Biden says if Russia attacks Ukraine, the United States will invoke the harshest sanctions any country has ever seen. Still, if an invasion does occur, there could be questions about whether the US military did enough to deter Russian aggression. If that happens, would officials hold Milley accountable for the invasion?

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