Gay Couple Attacks IVF Clinic With Lawsuit After Not Getting the Right Gender

Gay Couple Attacks IVF Clinic With Lawsuit After Not Getting the Right Gender

Couple Goes After The Company That Made Them Parents

( – In 2013, Albert and Anthony Saniger married. They always planned to have two sons through in-vitro fertilization. They picked out two boys’ names and even created Gmail accounts for the unborn kids to ensure availability. It appears the two men didn’t get their wish after Pasadena, California-based HRC Fertility accidentally implanted a female embryo instead of a male one. On Friday, July 8, the couple sued the clinic and Dr. Bradford Kolb for the mistake, seeking unspecified damages.

The two men sued the clinic and doctor for breach of contract, negligence, medical malpractice, and fraudulent concealment. Additionally, the lawsuit said the defendants violated the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and the Unfair Competition Law.

Court papers said the men gave HRC their sperm in May 2020. They said the entire process of procuring two human eggs and a surrogate mother cost approximately $300,000. Their baby girl was born in 2021.

The lawsuit contends that neither HRC nor the doctor would explain how the error happened. The Sanigers say the financial cost was massive, and they still plan to have two sons. HRC noted it strives to provide the best care in the world. Although in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy blessed the couple with a girl, the company said it tried to resolve the new parents’ concerns and stated every child has value and potential regardless of gender.

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