Gavin Newsom Wants To See Kamala Harris on 2024 Ballot

Gavin Newsom Wants To See Kamala Harris on 2024 Ballot

Did Democrats Just Admit They’re Scheming For Kamala 2024?

( – In late 2019, ahead of the first Democratic presidential primary in early 2020, then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was the first Democrat to drop out of the race over abysmal ratings and fundraising results. Still, Joe Biden ultimately picked her to run as his vice president. Over the last 16 months, Vice President Kamala Harris has struggled on the national scene. According to the RealClearPolitics poll of averages, Harris’s approval rating is a paltry 39.8%, with 51% disapproval. Still, that’s not stopping far-left California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) from endorsing the embattled VP for president.

On Thursday, May 19, Newsom said he hoped Harris would become the next president. The California governor doubled down on Friday and told MSNBC host Chris Mayes he was very enthusiastic about the vice president. Newsom said he’d known Harris for decades, and she has a solid progressive record. He added that America couldn’t do better in the Oval Office than Kamala Harris.

If Harris chooses to run in 2024, assuming President Biden doesn’t, she could win California. That’s not where she’s vulnerable. Kamala proved once she’s not a good presidential candidate. If the VP runs again, she’ll have a national record that includes failing on both the southern border and electoral reforms. Over the last several months, Harris has taken a much smaller profile in the administration as she struggles to keep her staff from high turnover.

So, how much would Newsom help her outside of far-left Democratic states if she were to run for president?

Stay tuned.

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