Game Show Contestant Robbed at Gunpoint in California

Game Show Contestant Robbed at Gunpoint in California

( – Across the United States in big liberal cities, politicians and district attorneys are refusing to hold criminals accountable for their actions. In parts of California, violent crimes are a sort of pandemic unto themselves. If you’re a fan of “Jeopardy!,” you may have seen Amy Schneider. On Tuesday, January 4, she became the highest-earning woman with the longest winning streak ever on the show. She’s won 28 consecutive times and earned $918,000. Schneider is also the first openly transgender woman to qualify for the quiz show’s Tournament of Champions.

Tragically, Schneider became a victim of a violent crime. Over the New Year holiday weekend, two assailants robbed the “Jeopardy!” star at gunpoint. Oakland police confirmed they were investigating the armed robbery that occurred on Sunday, January 2. They stated two people, one of which was armed while the other robbed Schneider of her personal belongings, ran from the scene.

Police have not made an arrest. Jeopardy! officials said they were sad to learn of the situation and privately told Schneider they would help in any capacity needed. Days before the armed robbery, Schneider addressed on Twitter messages about her status as a transgender woman. It’s not known if that contributed to the armed robbery.

From October 2020 to October 2021, violent crimes in Oakland rose 17%. Law enforcement defines a violent crime as homicide, rape, robbery or aggravated assault.

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