Fox News Ordered To Tell The Truth

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Fox News acknowledged in court that the claims of a “rigged” 2020 presidential election were false. However, the corporation has not yet made the same announcement to its audience, despite facing a defamation case brought forth by Dominion Voting Services.

According to Dominion’s lawyers, Fox News provided a platform for former President Donald Trump and his allies to continue their claims about Dominion having “rigged” their voting machines and having “flipped” votes in favor of Joe Biden. The lawyers continued by stating that to this day the network has not agreed “to level with its audience.” The papers were filed in Delaware Superior Court.

Dominion has added that while Fox has conceded in their court filings and testimony that the allegations of a stolen election had no backing and were false, they have still failed to “retract the lies and tell its audience the truth. They continued by asking why Rupert Murdoch was refusing to retract their previous claims even though he has now admitted that “he ‘never believed’ that Dominion rigged the election.” They further add that it could have been up to Murdoch to completely stop the defamatory statements from being aired on Fox, but instead he did not do that, nor has he apologized for his previous statements.

They further added that some of Fox’s hosts, like Laura Ingraham, stopped with their false allegations after they found out that they might “have to ‘tell the truth’ if they did so.”In her deposition on Nov. 12, Ingraham had admitted that she had “’made the decision not to air the false allegations of Dominion.'”