Fox News Has Major Change on Popular Show

Fox News Has Major Change on Popular Show

( – Back in 2002, Fox News contributor Jesse Watters used to fetch entertaining and funny news pieces for the cable news number-one show at the time, “The O’Reilly Factor.” Now, 15 years later, Watters is a rising star at Fox News as he co-hosts “The Five” and dominates on his weekend program titled “Watters’ World.” Once again, he’s moving up the ranks.

In early January, Fox News announced Watters would be taking over the 7:00 p.m. time slot ahead of Tucker Carlson’s top-rated primetime show. The new opinion-based show will be called “Jesse Watters Primetime.” One of the top marketing ploys of the show will center around Watters reading text messages from fans, critics and anyone else who has something interesting to say.

On “The Five,” Watters often reads text messages from his liberal mother, where she offers him some not-so-flattering feedback on his political views. Watters said reading some of the text messages helps viewers, who fight over politics just like most families, relate.

In December, Watters garnered national headlines for his criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci during a speech before a Conservative crowd. Fauci demanded Fox News fire him. Instead, they backed him up, saying Fauci and others took his speech out of context. Not only was Watters not fired, but he’s now a host in one of Fox News’ top-rated spots.

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