Former National Intelligence Director Blasts Biden for Soft Handling of China

Former National Intelligence Director Blasts Biden for Soft Handling of China

Expert Sounds The Alarm As WH Hands China All It Wants And More

( – During the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan created what became known as the Reagan Doctrine. On July 17, 1980, the new leader transitioned America away from appeasement. He said war never comes when the “forces of Freedom are strong, but when they are weak.” He added that a vulnerable America tempts those with bad intentions. The principle became known as peace through strength.

Since President Joe Biden pulled the US military out of Afghanistan in an embarrassing fashion, North Korea has resumed missile testing, Russia invaded Ukraine, Iran says it can now build a nuclear weapon, and China is pushing the limits of its rhetoric and literally testing the waters against Taiwan. In recent months, the communist government has become bolder and, at moments, appears to be bullying America. On Thursday, July 28, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned they are a threat under the current weak leadership.

Biden Soft-handles America’s Chief Adversary

On Thursday, July 28, Presidents Biden and Xi Jinping spoke by phone for over 2 hours. The move comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is considering visiting Taiwan. The Beijing-based government said the decision would be unacceptable, and if she did go, there would be significant consequences. The communist regime views Taiwan as part of its country under the One China policy. After foreign officials issued the threat, Democrats and Republicans lined up behind Pelosi and encouraged her to go. They insisted communist officials could not bully the United States and dictate the diplomatic travels of the Speaker.

Still, the president appears to be appeasing them. Radcliffe told Fox News the administration continually ignores warnings from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the threats emanating from the Indo-Pacific. The former director alleged to Breitbart News that the POTUS has been soft and “collaborative and complicit with the Chinese Communist Party.” Radcliffe added America’s top adversary would become even more emboldened and aggressive if the commander in chief doesn’t get the right mindset.

How Is Biden Soft on China?

Recently, Wray and his UK counterpart warned that the Asian country was a severe economic and security threat. On Wednesday, July 27th, intelligence officials issued a bulletin warning state and local governments that they are escalating a manipulative campaign to influence leaders to favor them. The threats are nothing new, but they are increasing in assertiveness.

It appears the president is retreating instead of standing firm. The New York Post highlighted a few examples of the president’s soft approach:

  • Beijing-based, state-owned gas giant Sinopec received a million barrels of oil released from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Hunter Biden invested in the same company.
  • He terminated the China Initiative, which the Trump administration created to stop foreigners from spying on universities and research facilities.
  • The president revoked permissions against TikTok, which gathers data on users’ private data.
  • He suspended numerous tariffs on Chinese products, with more to come.
  • He refuses to question Xi about his country’s role in COVID-19.

So, while Xi plays hardball with Biden, Radcliffe said the commander in chief is playing whiffle ball. The question is, will the administration’s soft approach haunt America? The former DNI appears to believe it will.

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