Former Congresswoman Katie Hill Bankrupt After Losing Lawsuit

Former Congresswoman Katie Hill Bankrupt After Losing Lawsuit

Former Congresswoman Bankrupt After Losing Lawsuit

( – In 2018, then-Democratic candidate for Congress, Katie Hill, stunned the political world after she won a district with a long tradition of Republican control. Not even a year into her first term, media stories emerged that Hill was going through a divorce. Soon after, the news emerged the couple had a sexual relationship with a female campaign worker, and Katie Hill had an affair with a male congressional staffer. Red State and the Daily Mail also published nude photos of the Congresswoman. Soon after, she resigned from Congress in disgrace and sued the two media outlets.

Hill argued Red State and the Daily Mail violated California’s revenge-porn law. The media outlets said they had a First Amendment right to post the images as they dealt with how an elected official had behaved and said that was newsworthy. A judge agreed with the media sites and ordered Hill to pay the attorneys fees totaling approximately $220,000. Now, she’s filing for bankruptcy.

If a judge accepts Hill’s bankruptcy, she may avoid paying the legal penalties. The former Congresswoman maintains she was the victim of exploitation by the media outlets and said the legal system let her down. Hill noted she incurred substantial debt to fight for her rights. Still, an attorney representing the journalists said the disgraced politician was attempting to evade her responsibility.

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