FL Teens Break Into Million-Dollar Home To Throw Rager

FL Teens Break Into Million-Dollar Home To Throw Rager

Florida Teens Throw RAGER In A Place So Bizarre

(TruthandLiberty.com) – There are times when kids are being kids. Then there are moments when kids are acting foolishly and illegally. Recently in Watercooler, Florida, a large group of teenagers broke into an $8 million home and decided to have a massive party. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said organizers advertised the party on Snapchat for nearly a week before 200 teenagers broke into the mansion and treated themselves to the homeowners’ belongings. Needless to say, the owners of the estate weren’t happy.

The home is for sale, and the family living there was away on a short trip. The owner hired a house sitter to watch over the property, and it’s unknown if the sitter had anything to do with the event. Sheriff’s officials said the kids broke into the 6,400-square-foot house, played loud music, drank alcohol, and boxed in the foyer. In addition, someone stole a $1,500 bottle of wine, a $3,500 Yves Saint Laurent purse, and a signed Payton Manning football, among other items.

The mother of two who came home to the destruction said the party-goers completely violated her and her children’s privacy and safety. The mom said the trespassers used her kids’ beds, destroyed her daughter’s toys, and also used her bed. There were even footprints from the teenagers in a bathtub.

The sheriff’s office said an open house party is illegal, but one that takes place in a house that someone has broken into is a burglary. The authorities are giving the kids an opportunity to come clean before they start subpoenaing pictures and videos of the event from Snapchat.

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