Fishermen Shockingly Save 38 Drowning Dogs

Photo by Lia Maaskant on Unsplash

( – In Mississippi, two fishermen managed to save 38 dogs. According to a recent Fox News Digital report, Arkansas State Farm Agent Bob Gist, 61 had decided to go on a trip with Tennessee State Farm Agent Brad Carlisle, who is one of his friends. The two men ended up visiting Mississippi’s Grenada Lake, where a local fishing guide Jordan Chrestman took them to the water. 

However, after not having much luck during the early morning hours, the two decided to move to a different location. Gist told Fox News that they traveled around half a mile from where they were until they found a different place where they could start to fish. However, within a few minutes, they started to hear dogs barking and started seeing them on the horizon in the water. 

Gist revealed that afterwards, he found out that the dogs are part of an annual fox run in the area. Chrestman noted that the dogs were trying to chase a deer that was also in the water. 

The group continued fishing for a few more minutes, which led to Gist suggesting that they check on the dogs because they had been out in the water. Once they arrived they were shocked to see dogs everywhere heading in different directions as they could not find the bank. Without hesitation, the group saved the dogs by taking them aboard their boat. 

Once the men gathered the dogs they went to the banks and started to track the owners. They then went to rescue a second group of dogs. 

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