Film and TV Workers Set to Strike

Film and TV Workers Set to Strike

( РAmerica’s favorite television shows or movies in production could be halted in the days to come. A developing situation threatens to pause the excitement of upcoming releases and upset advertisers and movie theaters.

On October 4, the 60,000 members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) authorized the union president to strike if studios ignore behind-the-scenes workers’ safety and pay demands. The members include camera operators, set designers, hair and makeup artists, carpenters, cinematographers and animators.

A strike could be a significant setback to an industry playing catch up after extended shutdowns and repeated outbreaks of COVID-19. IATSE director of communications Jonas Loeb said the workers are at a breaking point. Many face extremely long hours without reasonable breaks for food or time off between shifts. The union says the people they represent at the bottom of the pay scale earn unfairly low wages.

The union attributes the problems to companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple that started streaming services with little revenue upfront when they launched their platforms but are now very profitable.

The union president said the strike would commence if both sides didn’t reach a deal by Monday, October 18, at 12:01 am. If workers walk off the set, it won’t impact just Hollywood. It would also affect workers in Georgia, New Mexico, and across the country.

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