Fewer Than 100 Troops Are Radical, Report Finds

Fewer Than 100 Troops Are Radical, Report Finds

(TruthandLiberty.com) – The US Constitution allows everyone to have an opinion. However, when beliefs become offensive toward individuals or groups, the Department of Defense (DoD) may consider them “extremist activity.” Fortunately, a recent report from the DoD shows radicals are few in the US military.

Press Secretary for the DoD, John Kirby, announced the Pentagon concluded its investigation into extremism across the US military branches. Kirby stated Biden’s year-long attempt to outline extremism in the military resulted in the discovery of fewer than 100 radicalized troops. In perspective, the US military currently employs nearly 1.4 million active-duty members and almost 850,000 reserves for a total of just over 2.2 million service members.

The DoD didn’t clarify exactly how it defines extremist behavior, but it did offer an outline in its report. Press Secretary Kirby mentioned the department could consider certain actions on social media, such as liking, sharing and posting, as extremist behavior.

The DoD’s announcement has drawn concerns from current service members as to whether their political views could cause them to appear as extremists in the eyes of the DoD, especially those who are pro-life. Kirby declined to address hypotheticals such as whether or not a post indicating Biden isn’t the President of the United States would fall under the DoD’s definition of extremism.

The real question is whether the entire ordeal from the Biden administration and the DoD actually helped anything. Shouldn’t the United States be more focused on foreign policy? America’s adversaries certainly aren’t sitting around concerned with extremism; they’re concerned with how to defeat the United States and other opponents.

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