Federal Agent Arrested for Taking Part in Capitol Attack


(TruthandLiberty.com) – Law enforcement personnel who participate in illegal acts are not immune from government prosecutions. US Drug and Enforcement agent Mark Sami Ibrahim is currently learning this lesson the hard way. On Tuesday, July 20, Federal law enforcement authorities investigating the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill alleged that Ibrahim participated in the riot even though he wasn’t on duty for the DEA at the time. Instead, he was on leave during his time visiting Washington, D.C.

The former DEA agent, who normally lives in Orange County, CA, was a probationary employee at the time of the riot. However, he gave the DEA notice of resignation several weeks before the January 6 incident took place.

The Department of Justice charged Ibrahim with multiple crimes, including entering and remaining in a restricted building with a firearm, entering the Capitol grounds with a gun, and climbing on statues. Court documents include photos of the then-DEA agent posing for pictures during the riot with his badge and agency-issued gun. They also revealed Ibrahim was communicating with other law enforcement officers all throughout the riot via a WhatsApp group chat. It isn’t known whether other participants were involved in the riot or not.

Ibrahim’s friend told the FBI he was in town during the protest to promote a potential new podcast and cigar brand.

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