Fed Nominee Criticized for Lack of Qualifications

Fed Nominee Criticized for Lack of Qualifications

(TruthandLiberty.com) – On Wednesday, January 19, a reporter asked President Joe Biden why he was leading the country to the left. The president denied the allegation and tried to position himself as a moderate despite his legislative and administrative track record in 2021. If one needs more proof, all they need to do is look at the president’s far-left appointments. On Thursday, January 13, Biden appointed another far-left candidate to a prestigious and vital assignment. The Senate is now considering Lisa Cook for a position on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

Cook is a professor of international relations and economics at Michigan State University. Critics argue that Cook lacks the qualifications to serve on such a vital board. Some even believe she may be the least qualified person ever to be nominated to the Federal Reserve and that she misrepresented her experience in economics.

Cook claims to be a macroeconomist, a trait the White House looked for in a nominee. Yet, in a review of her extensive writings in academic journals and think tank essays, she never discusses monetary policy, inflation, interest rates, financial regulations or any other issue the Federal Reserve is responsible for in its operations. In addition, Cook alleges that her work was all peer-reviewed, but research suggests her statement is untrue. Her website no longer reflects the claim but instead says her work appeared in economic journals.

In addition to her potential lack of qualifications, a battle is emerging over race. Cook is a black American, and Democrats are beginning to make hay of it. Her nomination could come down to identity racial politics versus qualifications.

Ultimately, this may leave many Americans asking; why is it so difficult for Biden to find qualified people to fill his cabinet?

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