FBI Whistleblower Exposes Top Officials in Reckless Blunder

FBI Whistleblower Exposes Top Officials in Reckless Blunder

(TruthandLiberty.com) – After the mass evacuation of Afghan allies out of the war-torn country, serious questions remain about the security of the United States. Trapped American David Fox said he received a document that looked like a formal US visa from the State Department. However, there was much lacking in the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) document. For example, he couldn’t find a name, serial number or barcode on the paper for the government to verify his identity and clearance into the United States.

The blank visa forms have raised several concerns. For one, they appeared easy to copy in mass by nearly anyone. Second, terrorist groups hostile to our government were still in Afghanistan, the State Department has admitted. Due to the lack of proper vetting procedures, a terrorist could quickly and easily board a flight bound for the US.

When the federal government makes it this easy, terrorists don’t need to bother trying to get into the country through the southern border. They found a government-paid plane ride into the country. The State Department denies it issued blank visas. Additionally, the agency claims the US government screens all SIV applicants before allowing them into the United States.

However, if this is the only documentation our residents overseas have to prove their identity, the government’s explanation may not hold water.

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