FBI Director Sounds Alarm on China’s Growing Power

FBI Director Sounds Alarm on China's Growing Power

FBI Director Sounds Alarm On Growing Threat

(TruthandLiberty.com) – While Russia drew US government and media focus after it invaded Ukraine in February and made ongoing threats to Europe, China quietly continued to evolve into America’s most significant adversary. On Wednesday, July 6, FBI Director Stephen Wray and his counterpart in the UK shared their threat assessment of China. The director noted that the Chinese government creates the most significant long-term risk to the United States, the UK, and Europe.

Wray warned the Chinese communist government emanates substantial and growing dangers as spies stealing US technologies from top to bottom. The nation’s lead law enforcement official warned hired hands are lifting genetically modified seeds in the farm fields of the heartland and hacking into America’s top Fortune 100 companies. If a business specializes in artificial intelligence, aviation, or pharmaceuticals, Chinese technology thieves likely target them.

The FBI director also pointed out the communist government interfered in a congressional election in New York to prevent the election of a former Tiananmen Square protestor and ongoing critic of China to Congress. Wray noted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would do whatever it takes to steal US technology.

Still, Wray went out of his way to stress that the Chinese people are not the problem, nor are those who immigrate to America from the rival nation seeking freedom. On Thursday, the FBI released more remarks from the director regarding China and US national security.

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