Fast Food Worker Steals Customers’ Credit Card Information

Fast Food Worker Steals Customers' Credit Card Information

Fast Food Worker Evil Scheme Backstabs Customers

( – Many people believe they won’t become victims of fraud if they follow best financial practices regarding their debit and credit cards. In reality, there’s only one sure-proof way to prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. It’s never to use the cards at all. Approximately 42 million Americans fell prey to fraudsters in 2021 alone, losing a combined $52 billion. So, how easy is it for someone to steal your credit information and go on a spending spree?

In Louisiana, a drive-through McDonald’s employee unsuspectedly snapped pictures of credit and debit cards customers used to pay for food. The Sulfur Police Department arrested 20-year-old Dayshia Nicole Hardy. She allegedly obtained sensitive data from at least 53 customers, used it to make purchases, and also sold the information.

Investigators said Hardy and a friend used the stolen data in shopping exploits. Police noted the victims they contacted have canceled their cards or closed their accounts.

The Department of Justice says if criminals have enough information on an individual, they can hijack the person’s identity to apply for credit cards and loans, withdraw funds from bank accounts, or purchase items through the telephone or online.

If you believe you are a victim, you can report the potential crime to the Federal Trade Commission, which can help you develop a recovery plan.

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