Famous Painting Stolen From Church

Famous Painting Stolen From Church

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Classic paintings have long been a target of high-level thieves. Museums and collectors invest in sophisticated technology and security measures to make these particular thefts a rarity. Yet, one church has experienced the theft of a specific painting not once but twice recently.

Students and parents of the Catholic University of America expressed their angst and dismay over a painting the school decided to display depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ in the arms of a Black Mary. Floyd died in police custody, setting off days, weeks and sometimes months of civil unrest. The artwork, titled “Mama,” was painted by Kelly Latimore. It closely resembles the Michelangelo piece, “Pieta,” depicting Virgin Mary holding Jesus after he died on the cross.

The painting has become a centerpiece for controversy on the campus due to its nature. People weren’t upset the artist portrayed Jesus as a Black man, but because the artist seemingly reassigned the Christ designation to another person. Many called the piece blasphemous and sacrilegious. Shortly after the church originally hung the painting in November, someone stole it.

The school used a smaller version of the painting originally hung in the ministry office to replace the stolen piece. Someone also stole that painting. The student government has since voted in favor of banning the artwork from campus, and the president of the Catholic University of America issued a statement apologizing for the confusion and announcing its investigation into the thefts. The school hasn’t provided any further updates on whether they’ve found the paintings or those responsible for stealing them.

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