Facebook Doesn’t Enforce Rules for All

Facebook Doesn’t Enforce Rules for All

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For nearly a year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers that his platform was fair and its 3 billion users all played by the same rules. It appears that’s not the case. On Monday, September 13, the Wall Street Journal exposed Facebook’s scam after receiving a confidential 2019 audit. Writers of the discovery said the secret program was a serious “breach of trust.”

Away from the limelight, Facebook built an intricate system called XCheck. The whitelist program exempts certain high-profile users from some of its strict rules. If the user is in the media, has a large Facebook following or is an elected official, they might be one of the nearly 5 million users who can say whatever they want on the platform without worrying about censorship or reprisal for violating Facebook’s policies. The automated content review system ignores posts that violate the company’s terms of service or refers them to internal company reviewers that rarely enforce Facebook’s rules.

Many conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, aren’t on the whitelist. Conversely, Facebook didn’t remove a single prominent left-wing advocate from the service over the last few years despite some obvious posts breaking company rules.

Facebook denies the accusation and says it has the system in place as a safeguard against errors.

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