Facebook Announces New Censorship Guidelines!

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

According to a CNN report, not that former President Donald Trump has announced his campaign for 2024 Facebook will no longer fact-check his statements and comments. A Meta Company Memo clearly stated that as Trump announced his presidential run, fact-checking him on the platform would no longer be possible as politicians are exempt from this process.

Trump announced his presidential campaign on Tuesday night. Trump’s Facebook account is currently suspended; however, the fact-check ban continues to be applicable to anything that Donald Trump says that is then shared on the platform.

“Team Trump,” a page run by the former president’s political group, is still active on Facebook and has around 2.3 million followers.

A manager from Meta sent an email to fact-checkers with guidance regarding Trump, due to the political speech exemption. ”

The memo also noted that political speech, which includes the exact words of a politician, photo, video or other content which is clearly labeled as having come from a politician or their campaign, is not eligible for fact-checking.

According to Meta’s policy, candidates don’t need to be formally registered with the Federal Election Commission in order to be considered politicians.

Their memo clearly states that candidates running for office or who are current office holders are all considered politicians.