Extremist Group Leader Says Organization Is Running on White Guilt

Extremist Group Leader Says Organization Is Running on White Guilt

Extremist Group Exposes Donor Secrets

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In 2013, Patricia Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Ayo Tometi founded Black Lives Matter as a non-profit to honor the memory of Travon Martin after George Zimmerman shot and killed the teenager in 2012. In 2020, Cullors was the only co-founder still working with the organization. After the death of George Floyd, BLM suddenly found itself awash in cash from individuals and companies eager to participate in the movement against police brutality.

It appears that Cullors may not appreciate the gifts. On Monday, May 16, the founder stated her organization received $90 million in white guilt money it was unprepared to administer. The BLM co-founder told MSNBC podcaster Trymaine Lee that the staggering amount of money coming from white people was shocking, and she suggested her organization didn’t have protocols in place to handle it properly.

Still, Cullors made the problem about race instead of proper accounting or accountability. The BLM leader said critics weaponized her mistakes in the organization against her. The beleaguered executive director resigned under scrutiny in 2021 under allegations she financially benefited from the record donations. Cullors claimed she did nothing wrong. Yet, the New York Post reported that BLM paid the father of her youngest child five times the amount BLM gave to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. An additional $840,000 went to a security company owned by Culler’s brother.

Cullors said her only mistake was that she took a salary from BLM.

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