Experts Suggest Mar-a-Lago Raid About Classified Documents, Not Trump Indictment

Experts Suggest Mar-a-Lago Raid About Classified Documents, Not Trump Indictment

Ex-Prosecutors Weigh in on Mar-a-Lago Raid – You Won’t BELIEVE This

( – After the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday, August 8, many lawmakers, including the ex-commander in chief, demanded the Department of Justice (DOJ) make details of the search warrant public. Attorney General Merrick Garland petitioned a federal judge to make the document publicly available on Friday after allowing Trump attorneys the opportunity to object. The information suggested the examination was so broad that many people are now calling to unseal the DOJ affidavit prompting the FBI visit to Mar-a-Lago. Still, some say that’s ill-advised in the middle of a criminal investigation about classified documents, though there is no indictment against the 45th president.

On Monday, August 15, Politico reported on the search warrant. The document indicated several potential crimes, including obstruction of justice and mishandling classified documents and presidential records.

Former federal prosecutor Kan Nawaday told ABC News the revelations of what’s inside the boxes taken from Trump’s estate could be a “huge big powder keg,” considering a judge signed off on the search warrant.

Still, former federal prosecutor Daniel Richman told Newsweek that a search warrant only says there is probable cause to suspect a broken law and doesn’t necessarily mean the DOJ is considering prosecuting Trump.

On Tuesday, the ex-president took to his social media platform to call on Judge Bruce Reinhart to release the unredacted affidavit. The court scheduled a hearing for Thursday, August 18, to decide whether to unseal the affidavit.

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