Ex-FBI Agent Says Father Used Spies to Target Britney Spears

Ex-FBI Agent Says Father Used Spies to Target Britney Spears

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For many years, superstar Britney Spears was under the control of a conservatorship her father oversaw. The singer regularly complained that her life was not hers to live, and in 2021 a judge finally released her from the restrictive court order. Now, Jamie Spears is asking a court to force his superstar daughter to pay for all the legal fees he accrued fighting for the conservatorship. Perhaps he should have just chosen to move on with his life and leave it alone.

Spears’ legal team is asking the court to dismiss her father’s case. The star argues that he engaged in severe misconduct, ranging from abuse to management conflicts, financial mishandling and corruption in violation of state and federal laws. According to reputable ex-FBI agent Sherine Ebadi, Spears appears to have a claim. Ebadi says the investigation uncovered illegal activities by the past manager, including hiring spies to keep tabs on his daughter.

Ebadi said Mr. Spears hired people to tap his daughter’s cell phone and placed a listening device in her bedroom. In addition, Spears’ father appeared to be interested in private conversations between the singer and her attorneys. All without her knowledge. The ex-FBI agent said the ex-conservator participated in a gross violation of Spears’ privacy and civil liberties rights.

Stay tuned for a court decision.

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