Even the Lefties Are Turning on AOC

Even the Lefties Are Turning on AOC

AOC Just LOST Her Most Powerful Weapon…

(TruthandLiberty.com) – When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ran for Congress for the first time, she slammed Joe Crowley, the former Democratic congressman she repeatedly said spent far too much time away from his district. The lawmaker won over New Yorkers by promising to be more present. Unfortunately, according to Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-NY), AOC is just as guilty as her predecessor.

Ramos laid into the congresswoman for skipping a planned meeting, pointing out that their district offices are on the same floor in the same building. In what appears to be an ironic nod to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign attacks against Crowley, the senator said, “It would be nice if she breathed the same air.”

A chorus of New York leftists joined Ramos with their own strong opinions about the apparent absence of their congressional representative in her own hometown. AOC’s supposed ally in state government laments the extent to which she and other New Yorkers feel ignored. The disheartened peer says she still hasn’t heard back from the congresswoman since she texted her to ask if the legislator was okay — on January 6, 2001.

Perhaps Ocasio-Cortez was a little hard on the guy she labeled an outsider when he moved his family to Washington, DC, for his job. Sadly, the people of that district seem to have a hard time finding a representative who wants to keep living there.

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