ER Doc Reveals Mass Misdiagnoses of Monkeypox

ER Doc Reveals Mass Misdiagnoses of Monkeypox

ER Doc Reveals What EVERYONE Is Missing With Monkeypox

( – In May, the United States registered one case of monkeypox. By Monday, August 8, that number had grown to nearly 9,000. The disease shows similarities to smallpox, which vaccines eradicated in 1977, but its symptoms are less severe. Doctors have misdiagnosed numerous patients with the virus as the numbers continue to climb.

Dr. Graham Walker told Insider that urgent care facilities, emergency rooms, and physicians see patients in severe pain, but they still miss the diagnosis. Yet, their mistake may be understandable. This strain isn’t behaving like typical monkeypox cases and doesn’t meet the traditional textbook study of how it behaves.

A fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and headache usually occur before the onset of pox on the hands and face. In more recent cases, swollen lesions can appear in the rectum, and enlarged lymph nodes often stay restricted to the groin. In some cases, only one eruption may materialize visually on the body, which is easy to overlook or dismiss as something else. In a New England Journal of Medicine study, two-thirds of patients developed the rash on their private parts, and the majority had 10 lesions or fewer. In some situations, the presentation looks more like herpes or syphilis.

Health experts say they’re concerned about the change in how monkeypox spreads, with the disease potentially becoming more infectious. Officials suggest doctors test for the sickness if a rash is present. The virus spreads through close contact, but many patients appear to have contracted it sexually.

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