Elon Musk Makes Fun of Biden

Elon Musk Makes Fun of Biden

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Once again, America proved why it’s one of the most innovative countries in the world. Three civilian astronauts circled the planet for three days. They flew 335 miles above Earth, 75 miles higher than the International Space Station. The crew returned home on Saturday, September 18. It’s the first time ever that the military or NASA wasn’t involved in a space flight. Overall, the venture raised $200 million for St. Jude’s hospital.

Ordinarily, when big things happen in the United States, the president says something to recognize the achievements. Not President Joe Biden. He hasn’t said a word.

On Sunday, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted his thoughts to the president and suggested that no one heard from the Commander in Chief because he was sleeping. If that sounds familiar, during the 2020 presidential campaign, then-President Donald Trump often referred to Biden as Sleepy Joe. While the event might have escaped Biden, it didn’t get by top officials at NASA, who congratulated the civilian astronauts on their success.

Biden and Musk are becoming old sparring buddies. In August, Musk took offense when Biden invited the big car company CEO to the White House to talk about the future of electric cars. Musk’s company, Tesla, has been a pioneer in battery-powered car technologies since 2008. The only difference between Tesla and the others is that Musk won’t allow unions in his company, and Biden strongly supports union workers.

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