Elmo Encourages Kids To Get Their Vaccines

Elmo Encourages Kids To Get Their Vaccines

Liberals Use Beloved Children’s Show To Manipulate American Children

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In early November, many parents got their feathers ruffled, and perhaps for a good reason. “Sesame Street” character Big Bird recently announced to viewers he received his COVID-19 vaccination, which was new for children between 5 and 11 years old. For better or worse, Big Bird wasn’t the last “Sesame Street” star to push COVID vaccines. In early June, the government approved Pfizer and Moderna shots for kids younger than 5. Now, one of the show’s most beloved characters, Elmo, is jumping into the fray.

On Tuesday, June 28, PBS released a video on Elmo’s official Twitter page promoting the vaccine shots for young children. Elmo’s pretend father jumped in on the action. He tried to persuade parents the vaccines were safe and encouraged parents to talk to their pediatricians to make smart decisions for their children. He added getting Elmo vaccinated was the best way to keep the beloved character and his friends safe while doing the things they love.

A late June YouGov/CBS poll revealed parents might disagree with Elmo’s father. The poll noted 59% of respondents said the impact of COVID over the last two years had no role in how people lived their lives today. It also stated only 37% believe COVID should be a high priority. Instead, most felt the government should focus on inflation, gas prices, and the economy.

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