Elizabeth Warren Ignores Facts, Issues Unhelpful Proposal Anyway

Elizabeth Warren Ignores Facts, Issues Unhelpful Proposal Anyway

Elizabeth Warren Goes Berserk – Issues Outrageous New Airline Proposal

(TruthandLiberty.com) – The year 2022 may become the worst on record for airline cancellations. At the end of June, the companies had already halted 121,918 flights. Once again, some Democrats believe government controls might solve the problem they likely helped create. Industry analysts say a combination of weather and pilot shortages contributed to the massive issue. Yet, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wrote that the government should monetarily penalize airlines.

The senator and Rep. Alex Padilla (D-CA) advised fines of $37,377 every time an airline delays a flight for a reason other than weather. The Massachusetts politician blamed the problem on mergers, among other factors. She doesn’t acknowledge the realities of operating a heavily in-demand business coming out of COVID lockdowns and saddled by federal rules that have impacted its workforce.

The leftist Democrat also said airline mergers are bad for consumers and would ban “anti-competitive” mergers worth more than $5 billion based on new legislation she proposed in March. Yet, some argue Warren’s facts are wrong. One nonprofit study found that the number of passenger seats increased as carriers consolidated. It noted that since 2006, airline prices on domestic flights have remained stable, adjusting for inflation. Others argue that bigger companies offer more flights and compete with each other by providing the lowest fares possible.

So, are Warren and Padilla right? Is more government interference the answer to flight delays, and are mergers hurting consumers?

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