Electrocuted on the Job, Employee Claims He Was Denied Care

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(TruthandLiberty.com) – After serving honorably in the United States Navy, veteran Brandon Ingram returned home with his family to St. Louis, Missouri. It’s there that Ingram went to work for Frito-Lay, only to be seriously injured and all but ignored by the company.

Four years after being electrocuted on the job, Ingram and his wife still struggle to care for themselves and their family. For many, it’s an all too familiar story of large corporations protecting their bottom lines over the employee’s well-being.

Ingram’s wife, Melissa, took to social media to share their story.

According to Mrs. Ingram, Brandon was severely electrocuted and nearly died on the job. Since then, the couple says the massive corporation’s done little to help them after Brandon’s incident left him disabled. They also denied him necessary medical care that could save his life.

Melissa says Brandon received two spinal surgeries, and may need another, as Pepsico and Frito-Lay continue to deny responsibility for the accident despite it happening on the job.

She feels the massive company refused to help them, even after doing everything the employer and insurance company told them to do. Ingram also clarified they only want justice for their pain and suffering and the medical bills they paid, which left them in financial ruin.

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