Drug Problem Reportedly Happened as Joe Biden Pulled Troops From Afghanistan

Drug Problem Reportedly Happened As Joe Biden Pulled From Afghanistan

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For decades, Afghanistan was one of the top exporters of heroin. Even during the US military presence there, the heroin epidemic was ongoing. In 2019, the war-torn country exported 80% of the world’s supply. Reports say over 120,000 Afghans grew and manufactured the highly addictive drug, and 11% of the nation’s economy depended on it.

On August 31, President Joe Biden pulled the US military out of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting to keep terrorists out of the country. In September, something suddenly happened to the heroin supply in the United States: It dried up.

Almost as soon as the US military’s last plane departed from Kabul, stories emerged that China was moving in fast to develop relations with the new Taliban-led government to exploit the situation to their advantage. In the United States, heroin addicts immediately found it difficult, if not impossible, to find the intoxicating drug. Instead, many found easy sources of Chinese fentanyl.

Some experts suggest the Chinese fentanyl is easier and cheaper to import than heroin from Afghanistan, making the price cheaper to consumers. Fentanyl is 50 times more potent and addictive than heroin, which is why it kills people easier.

Chinese smugglers effectively replaced one problem with an even deadlier one upon the US departure from Afghanistan. The current administration may have made the fatal shift possible.

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