Donald Trump Only Flew One Time on Epstein’s Plane Before Banning Him From Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump Only Flew One Time on Epstein's Plane Before Banning Him From Mar-a-Lago

( – Two issues quickly catch the media’s attention right now: virtually anything related to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, which is a proxy case for Jeffrey Epstein, and Donald Trump. If you combine the two, well, that’s a bonus for the Liberal media. For many years, investigators accused Maxwell of recruiting underaged women to squelch Epstein’s sexual appetite as well as those of his famous and wealthy friends. She’s defending herself against charges of child sex trafficking, among other salacious issues.

So, how does former President Trump figure into all of this? Epstein liked surrounding himself with famous and powerful people. Among them were billionaire Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton. Recently, a former Epstein pilot testified Trump had flown one time aboard the financier’s aircraft nicknamed the Lolita Express. Trump’s name appeared on the flight record after a civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew revealed the former president’s name.

The media is having a field day with Trump’s association with Epstein. There’s just one problem: Where’s the mention of Bill Clinton? Trump only flew on Epstein’s plane once and banned him from Mar-a-Lago after the financier allegedly sexually assaulted a minor at the exclusive club. In 2019, Trump told the media he knew Epstein but had a falling out with the disgraced pedophile 15 years before.

Clinton logged travel aboard the Lolita Express 26 times. What’s his excuse?

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