Donald Trump Builds 2024 “Turnkey” Operation

Donald Trump Builds 2024

( – Former President Donald Trump remained relatively quiet over the first six months of Biden’s presidency. After the fall of Kabul in late August, he became vocal as stories of a turnkey operation became a reality. Trump recently started conducting interviews on conservative outlets, raising money, running internet ads against Joe Biden and announcing a slew of new rallies. Is it possible Donald Trump is beginning to gear up for another run at the White House?

In August, Trump’s PAC announced it was hiring two full-time operatives dedicated to Iowa. Trump advisers say it’s to keep an eye out on potential GOP presidential candidates flooding the state that’s home to the first votes during a primary season. The former president is also working to enhance his profile with voters and prepare him for a potential campaign. This fall, he has several rallies scheduled in Iowa, Florida and Georgia.

The advances come as Biden teeters on the ropes. The botched Afghan withdrawal and far-left policies are enticing to Trump as the current president’s poll numbers tank. At this point, if Trump chooses to run in 2024, Republicans will offer little to no resistance. Most potential Republican candidates say they won’t run against him, and so far, all refrain from criticizing the former president.

Citizens in the know say Trump’s running in 2024. Trump campaign adviser, Jason Miller, said he believes it’s almost a 100% certainty. On Thursday, August 3, officials recorded Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in an undercover video saying the ex-president is about ready to announce his candidacy after “all of this craziness in Afghanistan.”

For Trump supporters, it’s like music to their ears.

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