Donald Trump Banned From Twitter, but Taliban Spokesperson Can Type Away

Donald Trump Banned From Twitter, but Taliban Spokesperson Can Type Away

( – The hypocrisy from America’s big social media companies is astounding. On January 8, Twitter announced it was banning then-President Donald Trump permanently from its platform. The reason? He risked allegedly inciting further violence among his 80 million followers.

Conversely, on Sunday, August 15, the leader of the Taliban terrorist group shared on the platform, without obstruction, its success in violently toppling the Afghan government.

Over the last few months, the Taliban has killed thousands of Afghan government officials and their supporters. Media reports of revenge killings and other brutal tactics rage across Twitter. Yet, the Taliban, its spokesman and now the government head post away freely and without censorship concerns. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s permanent ban from the platform still holds, leading many users to wonder why.

Some politicians in Europe are questioning Twitter’s logic regarding its censorship policies. French politician Jerome Riviere posted that Democracy isn’t doing well when Twitter continues its ban of Trump’s account but allows the Taliban to post with reckless abandon.

Twitter was to comment on the issue. Unfortunately, no one from the platform is talking, and the social media site continues to allow the Taliban to tweet away without any concern or threat of intervention.

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