Dog The Bounty Hunter Opens Up About the Florida Manhunt!

Dog The Bounty Hunter Opens Up About the Florida Manhunt!

( – It’s a story that continues to captivate the country. Hikers discovered Gabby Petito’s body in Wyoming, and her fiance, Brian Laundrie, is a person of interest. The FBI began a massive search to find Laundrie after he disappeared from his parent’s home in Florida. Authorities searched a 25,000-acre reserve nearby but came up empty.

Bounty Hunter Dewayne “Dog” Chapman is on the case. On Monday, Dog the Bounty Hunter said he believes he knows where Laundrie is hiding.

On Tuesday, September 28, Chapman told Dr. Oz that 50% of parents know where their kids are hiding when they’re on the run. Another 35% will actually help find their kids. Dog said he hopes Laundrie’s parents will cooperate. The bounty hunter said he wants to explain to Laundrie’s father that the 23-year-old will get the death penalty if prosecutors charge him with “murder one” in Wyoming. If it’s manslaughter, Laundrie faces a life sentence with the chance of parole.

Dog said he believes he can help Brian Laundrie. In 1976, the bounty hunter sat in a Texas prison for five years on a first-degree murder conviction after getting in a fight with a 69-year-old man over some pot and fatally shooting him.

If Dog is right and knows where Laundrie is hiding, the manhunt could be over soon. The bounty hunter stated he wants to capture his target alive.

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