Dog Eats Family’s Life Savings?

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

( – A couple in Pennsylvania had the shock of a lifetime when they saw their puppy chewing the large sum of cash that they had prepared to pay for their home improvements.

Carrie Law, the dog’s owner, said that the cash was shredded across the room and that some of the bills had puncture holes, while also a lot of it was just missing. This made them assume that the puppy had swallowed a large amount of the money.

As Law shared this was shocking as their 7-year-old Goldendoodle, Cecil had never behaved in such a way. She said that normally he was a complete sweetheart and that while he is 100 pounds, he behaved like a lap dog and loved getting belly scratches from people. She added that many people had previously said that Cecil behaved as if he had a human within him.

Still, the dog had ended up digging into the $4,000 that the couple had withdrawn from their bank account and left on the kitchen counter for around 30 minutes.

Law shared that the cash was intended to be used for a landscaping project that they would be paying in cash. As she said she had been working in a different room in the house when she heard her husband Ceyton yelling that their dog had eaten the cash. She shared that at first what her husband was saying had not registered at all as their pup had never done something like that in his life. Still, while it might not have made sense it appeared that this was exactly what had happened.

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