Dodger Legend Who Stood Against Communism Dies

Dodger Legend Who Stood Against Communism Dies

He’s DEAD – Baseball Icon Passes Away

( – For decades, baseball fans listened to long-time play-by-play radio announcer Vin Scully call balls and strikes for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He retired from broadcasting after a distinguished career in 2016, but not before he made his mark as a voice for both sports fans and anti-communism sentiment. On Tuesday, August 2, the athletics world lost a legend when the 92-year-old titan died from natural causes.

In 1982, Scully became a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2016, then-President Donald Trump awarded one of the many Presidential Medals of Freedom the legend earned throughout his lifetime. While most fans remember the broadcaster as eloquent with his words and loving the nation’s pastime above virtually everything else, he also apparently despised communism and socialism.

During his last year on the radio, in one game between the Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers, the famed radio sportscaster introduced visiting team infielder Hernan Perez, who was from Venezuela. The player told viewers that socialism was failing in his country and lambasted talk in the US of giving everyone something. He warned that one day, there would be nothing left for anyone.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred said Scully was an extraordinary person who used his talents to bring joy to generations of Dodger fans. He noted that listeners would forever hear the famed announcer’s voice in some of the sport’s greatest moments. The commissioner added that he “embodied the very best of our National Pastime.”

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