Disney Censors Itself Further: Purges Problematic Characters From History

Disney Censors Itself Further: Purges Problematic Characters From History

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Disney continues its travels to the Left with yet another round of warning labels for “problematic characters.” By problematic, Disney apparently means any character whom anyone finds offensive for any reason. Some of the most iconic of the brand’s personas are up for special scrutiny, according to the New York Times.

Disney’s new “Stories Matter” initiative scans the company’s library looking for characters and situations people might find offensive. When it determines a snippet of a film or a personality might be insensitive, it attaches a warning to the film to tell families what they are about to watch may tell a story that is no longer relevant.

Disney’s “Peter Pan,” the 1953 classic tale of a boy’s desire never to grow up, has two characters on their way to having their very own disclaimers. The company says Tinkerbell is body-conscious and jealous of Peter’s fondness for Wendy. No, this isn’t a joke.

The initiative sees Captain Hook, another staple of the tall tale, as insensitive to people with disabilities, causing prejudice because he’s a bad guy. Ursula, the villain from “The Little Mermaid,” triggered two sensitivity issues: viewers might interpret her lavender skin and black legs as a racist portrayal, and they might interpret her mannerisms, modeled after a real-life drag queen, as a transphobic portrayal.

The swing to the Left is redefining millions of Americans’ childhoods. Some people may have enjoyed a live-action version of “Snow White,” but now, there’s an issue with the representation of dwarfism because Disney decided to label the dwarfs as “magical creatures.”

The company seems determined to “evolve.” But as Disney becomes mired in the grown-up, regimented political details of correctness, is the company losing the Magic that drew so many loyal fans and allowed children to dream of being, quite literally, anything?

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