DeSantis Removes Attorney Who Refused To Prosecute Offenders

DeSantis Removes Attorney Who Refused To Prosecute Offenders

DeSantis TAKES DOWN Top Gov Official

( – Across Democratic-led cities in America, crime continues to explode as district attorneys refuse to prosecute bad actors. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would not allow the undermining of public safety in his state. The governor went on to highlight an official he said wasn’t doing his job. On Thursday, August 4, DeSantis suspended State Attorney Warren for violating his oath of office and placing himself above the law.

Police surrounded the governor during the announcement. The Florida leader noted Warren violated his duty by refusing to prosecute people who broke laws he disagreed with, such as provisions on abortion. He stated that the Florida Constitution grants power to veto laws to the governor, not state attorneys. The suspension effectively fired the now-former prosecutor.

Warren was often a loud critic of the top politician. He called the anti-riot legislation the legislature passed in 2021 misguided and a problem. In addition, the dismissed prosecutor blasted the election security force the state’s chief executive recently signed into law. After police escorted him from his office, the former state worker said he was still the duly elected attorney for Hillsborough County. He didn’t say whether he would challenge DeSantis’ action in court, but he called the move a power play of an aspiring presidential candidate.

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