Denver Broncos About To Be Purchased by Walmart Heir for Eye-popping Sum

Denver Broncos About To Be Purchased by Walmart Heir for Eye-popping Sum

The Biggest Sports Team Purchase In History Is About To Go Down

( – Owning an NFL football team is considered highly prestigious among billionaires. The league is particular about awarding team ownership, and league owners regard it as a fraternity among the wealthiest individuals in America. Recently, the Denver Broncos franchise went up for sale. The league valued the team at $3.75 billion.

On Monday, June 6, Forbes reported Walmart heir S. Robson Walton submitted the likely winning bid to own the Denver Broncos. Forbes said if the number is correct, the purchase of the NFL team would be the highest priced in all of sports history. Walton’s bid to purchase the team is allegedly worth $4.5 billion, $1.25 billion more than the team’s valuation.

If the sale goes through, Walton will be the wealthiest owner of a franchise in the NFL. His net worth is approximately $59.6 billion, and he’s among the 20 wealthiest individuals globally. In 1984, Pat Bowlen purchased the team for $78 million. Under Bowlen’s ownership, the Broncos went to seven Super Bowls, winning three of them. Bowlen died in 2019, and the trust recently put the team up for auction. The NFL and team haven’t sealed the deal yet; team president and CEO Joe Ellis, lawyer Rich Slivka, and several attorneys will make the final decision. How will the new ownership change the team? Only time will tell.

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