Dems Indicate Cutting Iowa as First on 2024 Calendar

Dems Indicate Cutting Iowa as First on 2024 Calendar

( – This November, numerous polls and political analysts suggest the Left could face a shellacking. Over three days, Democrats gathered together in Philadelphia to decide how to combat their falling approval ratings and create a strong message they hope will blunt the GOP’s resurgence at the polls this fall. On Friday, March 11, the Democratic National Party (DNC) debated cutting Iowa from serving as the first in the nation’s presidential primary states.

Why would Democrats replace Iowa with another state? Could it be more of the same woke politics? Party officials said they have strong reservations about allowing Iowa to remain the first-in-the-nation primary voting state. Some say they want to prioritize states that hold primaries. Iowa isn’t a primary state. It runs what is called a caucus. In recent years, Democrats assert the caucus process isn’t transparent or useful, alleging it ruined the 2020 Democratic presidential caucus process. Additionally, Democratic officials also say Iowa isn’t competitive any longer, and it’s 90% white.

Some Democratic leaders are quietly expressing optimism for bringing South Carolina and Nevada to the front of the primary election calendar. Proponents believe changing the primary schedule away from small states like Iowa and New Hampshire would reduce campaign races to wealthy self-funders and celebrity politicians. They say the change in strategy would have prevented JFK, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama from getting elected.

For now, the DNC hasn’t made a formal decision about the primary calendar. The schedule could change in the future. Stay tuned.

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