Democrats Scream Election Interference

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

( – During an interview, Maine’s Secretary of State, Bellows, belonging to the Democratic party, expressed concerns about No Label, a third-party organization, alleging that they were misleading voters in their efforts to be included on the 2024 ballot. Prior to this, state election officials had issued a cease-and-desist letter to No Label after their attempt to be listed on the ballot. The letter specifically highlighted that individuals who signed the organization’s petition were unaware that it would result in a change of their party affiliation.

In the interview with NBC News, Bellows emphasized that her team had received multiple reports from voters who claimed they were under the impression they were only signing a petition, unaware that it would alter their political party affiliation. She further noted that numerous complaints had been received from both voters and clerks, raising concerns about the organizers of the “No Labels Party” who failed to inform signatories that their voter registration form would result in a change of political party. Bellows argued that this practice was highly deceptive.

Furthermore, Bellows’ office sent a letter to all individuals who had signed the petition, notifying them of the change in their party affiliation. In order for new parties to appear on the Maine ballot, they must gather 5,000 signatures. By becoming members of the No Labels party, these voters would be ineligible to participate in the Democratic or Republican primaries, as those are reserved for unaffiliated voters or party members.

Bellows emphasized in a statement last month that all voters have the right to choose their party affiliation, if any. However, the concern arose from the fact that dozens of voters reported being unaware that their political party affiliation had been altered after signing the petition.

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