Democrats Scream After CNN Star Shows Picture of Gas Station Prices

Democrats Scream After CNN Star Shows Picture of Gas Station Prices

( – You’ll have to excuse Democrats and the Liberal media if they’re a little touchy about gasoline prices. Since President Joe Biden assumed office in January, fuel prices have steadily risen. Some people believe it’s due to the president’s energy policy reversals, undermining former President Donald Trump’s efforts to make America energy independent for the first time in decades.

On Wednesday, November 10, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer posted an image of a gas station’s high price tag in Washington, DC. Almost immediately, he received pushback from journalists and leftists over the post.

Some Twitter users claimed Blitzer was hyping the crisis unfairly and misleading his followers. Numerous responses said the anchor used a gas station notorious for high prices because it’s near Congress and Union Station. Some users even told Blitzer to stop posting pictures that don’t give a full representation.

A search on GasBuddy showed the average price for gas in Washington, DC, was approximately $3.62, roughly 20 cents higher than the national average.

While left-leaning journalists and activists may have a good point about Blitzer’s post, they appear to discount how much higher gasoline prices were over a year ago. The fast-paced rise in the cost of a gallon of gasoline is partly to blame for the increased cost of goods and services, as well as utility bills.

For many Americans, the higher prices are a major hit to the bank account. Democrats and journalists who can afford to pay more for gas seem oblivious to the impact of their presentation of the issues. Could they be alienating their constituents?

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