Democrats Panic After State Flips Bright Red

Photo by Josh Berendes on Unsplash

( – Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, R., on Friday, signed a new bill that would substantially limit abortions. The state that was once purple has now moved to deep red, as the most recent bill would ban abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy.

This is only the latest instance in which Iowa Republicans have clearly exhibited the change in the state in the past decade, as the state has moved from being a battleground state to being a GOP-controlled state. Currently, both legislative chambers, the congressional delegation, and the governor’s office are all controlled by the GOP.

In this year alone, the Republican governor has managed to sign bills that would either ban or reduce the availability of gender transition treatments for minors, would enable families to use taxpayer money in order to pay private-school tuition, and has significantly loosened child labor laws within the state.

The governor stated this spring that Americans across the country were seeing how Iowa had become a center of opportunity and freedom. While Iowa has now become a GOP stronghold, not long ago the Democrats had managed to hold on to one of the two Senate seats in the state for over three decades, and the governor’s office also had a Democrat sitting in it. However, the Democrats have now been unable to win a Senate contest or gubernatorial election, which have been exclusively won by the Republicans since 2008 and 2006 respectively.

In 2008, former President Barack Obama won Iowa by 10 points, while in 2016 the state was won by former President Donald Trump by nine points.

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