Democrats Head to the Border To Discuss Non-Border Related Topics

Democrats Head to the Border To Discuss Non-Border Related Topics

House Democrats Scurry Down To The Border – But Not For The Reason You Would Think

( – For nearly a year, Democrats have blamed their failed far-left agenda and sinking approval ratings on messaging. They continually say Americans will embrace their values if they create the correct narratives. That may or may not be the case, but there may be some legitimacy to the matter in one instance. On Tuesday, June 7, a group of Democrats wrote a letter announcing their plan to head to the southern border. You might think they want to see the illegal immigration crisis firsthand. Think again.

According to the letter, Democrats on the House Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth will head to the Rio Grande Valley to hear from local leaders and community members about the challenges of outdated infrastructure. As a massive caravan possibly exceeding 10,000 illegal immigrants careens north through Mexico toward the United States, Democrats don’t appear to see they’ve created an opportunity for Republicans to make a real contrast over the issue.

Republicans on the committee, who call it the House Select Committee on the Economy, say they’ll travel with the Democrats to the southern border. They intend to take the opportunity to contrast how their left-leaning colleagues ignore the plight of US citizens dealing with crime and other issues related to illegal immigration. The GOP representatives said they would meet with border communities to hear the challenges residents face.

So, wouldn’t it have been better for Democrats to visit a part of the country not near the southern border if they wanted to talk infrastructure?

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