Democrats Don’t Know How To Stop Trump

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – Democrats are in a bind as they try to find a candidate who could gather enough support before the November 2024 election to beat former President Donald Trump.

In April, President Joe Biden announced that he would be attempting to win a second term in office. Since his announcement, he has not faced a lot of challenges from within his party for the nomination. However, Trump who made a similar announcement last year, is now finding himself in a crowded Republican primary. Still, Trump continues to lead the race for his party’s nomination and according to some recent polls he has also been leading in several swing states which has resulted in many questions about whether or not Biden would be able to win in a 2024 rematch.

Stack Data Strategy released a new survey that included 15,000 American voters. Currently, Trump is set to beat Biden 292 to 246 in the Electoral College according to the survey. The poll found that Trump would win in four battleground states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. All of these were states that had gone to Biden in 2020 with the closest margin.

While Trump has been found to win by a narrow margin in many battleground states, President Biden continues to be expected to win the popular votes. However, this recent poll is not the first time that the Democrats had to confront this negative news. On November 5 a poll by The New York Times/ Siena College found that Trump was leading in five key battleground states: Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

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