Democrats Call To Destroy Electoral College?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah., joined ‘Hannity’ on Thursday to discuss the Maryland Democratic congressman’s wish to have a ‘fundamental’ part of American democracy removed.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., was blasted for stating that the Electoral College is a “danger” to Americans and democracy. On Sunday during CBS’s “Face The Nation” Raskin noted that because of the Electoral College there have been five Presidents who were the less popular candidates. He added that in this century alone two Presidents did not win the popular vote but won the Electoral college allowing them to take office.

Raskin continued to say that the Electoral college allows a lot of space for “strategic mischief”.

He added that presidents should be elected in the same way that governors, senators, mayors, representatives and all other officials are elected, through popular vote.
Florida GOP’s Chairman of Chairs Evan Power in response to these comments said that Raskin “has become the danger.”

Michael Caputo similarly responded by saying that the “founders foresaw cynical elected leaders” like Raskin who would try to “manipulate the election system.”

Jack Lombardi also stated that “Democrats hate the Constitution.”

Trent England, the founder of Save our States, an organization that defends the Electoral College has said that Raskin was “historically ignorant.” He added that the left did not like the Electoral College because it worked in the way that it was “supposed to”.