Democrats Bend Rules of Reconciliation Plan With Insulin Price Cap

Democrats Bend Rules of Reconciliation Plan With Insulin Price Cap

Why Did Democrats Just Poison Pill Their OWN Bill?

( – On Sunday, August 7, Democrats finally passed a skinny version of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan. It took over a year to achieve some of the Left’s partisan goals. Renamed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the $430 billion package held together as all 50 Democrats voted for the Schumer-Manchin bill. The move came with some drama as proponents tried to bend the reconciliation rules to pass an insulin price cap on private insurance.

In 1974, Congress created a budget process known as reconciliation. It allows the Senate to pass budgetary legislation with a simple majority instead of the standard 60-vote threshold. Still, legislation must relate to the federal budget and involve government taxation, spending, and debt limits. After the Senate parliamentarian ruled the Left couldn’t place a cap on insulin in the private insurance market, they tested the GOP as a political gimmick.

Choosing to ignore enforcement of the Senate rules, Democrats tried to leave the $35-per-month cap provision. Republicans felt they had no choice but to strip it. The lawmakers were only upholding the law, but the Left plans to use the move to clobber GOP candidates. Which one works better with the public: proper procedure or stripping a medical benefit that doesn’t meet the condition of the reconciliation process?

Once again, Democrats are manipulating politics with the rules they helped create. How will the decision play with voters this fall?

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